Since I started my inbound agencyI’ve been experimenting with different ways to explain to people what I do for a living. A typical response might look something like this:

I help small and medium-size businesses increase their website traffic, generate more qualified leads, and nurture those leads more effectively to close more business. 

Inevitability, I end up mentioning the term inbound marketing.

So what is inbound marketing? Here’s my 6-second explanation:

Inbound marketing is about creating valuable content that pulls people toward your company and product. By aligning that content with your prospects’ interests, you naturally attract inbound website traffic and interest that you can then convert, close and delight over time.

A little wordy, but it’s a start.

You see, inbound marketing is not search engine optimization. It’s not social media. It’s not digital marketing or A/B testing. It’s not email marketing or marketing automation or conversion rate optimization (CRO).

It’s all of these tactics, working cohesively together to help companies attract their ideal buyers to their websites and through their marketing and sales processes in an educational, valuable and fluid way.

There’s no better person to explain the story of inbound marketing than the man who helped coin the term, HubSpot’s co-founder and my former boss, Brian Halligan.

Take it away, Brian.