5 Tools Our Agency Can’t Live Without

inbound marketing agency toolsWe launched Extreme Inbound in November.

Since our launch, we’ve used a handful of tools and processes to grow our business. Almost every week, we’re implementing a new software or organizational process to ensure that we’re always working smarter. There’s a lot we haven’t figured out yet, but we’re moving fast and iterating the way we do things along the way.

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Lead Scoring 101: A Beginner’s Guide

inbound lead scoring guideRecently, I’ve spoken with a few clients about lead scoring. If you have too many leads and not enough sales capacity to call each one in a timely manner, lead scoring is a great way to optimize your efforts. You can use it to triage your list of leads and to reach out to your most qualified contacts first.

In this post, I’ll introduce the concept of lead scoring. I’ll talk about how it works, whether or not you need it, how to think about using it, and what to do after you’ve set up your scoring parameters.

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