Your 13-Minute Inbound Marketing Tutorial

Since I started my inbound agencyI’ve been experimenting with different ways to explain to people what I do for a living. A typical response might look something like this:

I help small and medium-size businesses increase their website traffic, generate more qualified leads, and nurture those leads more effectively to close more business. 

Inevitability, I end up mentioning the term inbound marketing.

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Gmail Improves Email Open-Rate Analytics

Pay attention email marketing geeks!

Just a few weeks ago, Google made a seemingly small but significant change in the way it processes email images. Rather than prompt recipients to click a link to “display images,” Gmail now auto-loads the images by default.

Hooray for readers!

But what about for marketers?

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5 Jumbo Mistakes HubSpot Customers Make

In my two years as an inbound consultant and Academy team member at HubSpot, I spent the majority of my time on the phone, consulting and teaching inbound marketing.

I spoke with CEOs, CMOs and Marketing Directors about how to best weave HubSpot – and inbound marketing – into their current marketing and sales processes. Many of the customers I worked with saw amazing results even after just a few months of tactical content creation and conversion optimization.

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