Are You Segmenting Your Contact Database?

The last thing your prospects and customers want is to feel like they’re being marketed to.

At the end of the day, despite whatever marketing automation tools you might be using, we’re all human. Marketers are humans developing content for other humans.

So why do we typically spend so little time personalizing our contact database? I’ve been guilty of it myself. Sending the same generic email blast to hundreds of my contacts. Signing everyone up for the same newsletter, regardless of whether or not they’re a customer, or that they’re interested in one product or service vs. another.

Sound familiar?

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Inbound Marketing: 7 Months to See Results?

As an inbound agency, I base all client relationships around clear communication and expectation setting.

We have regular strategy and reporting sessions. I’m not as much an outsourced agency to my clients as a company team member, a direct extension of their core employees.

This relationship is particularly important when discussing results.

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What Systems Do You Follow?

I recently drove through downtown Manhattan for the first time. Three seasoned New York passengers helped me navigate. Along the way, meandering left and right down streets and across avenues, I was taught some interesting orientation-related factoids. Continue reading

Does Your Company Publish an Annual Report?

If your website doesn’t generate enough quality leads, there’s a strong chance you’re not producing enough quality content for your prospects. I get it. Content is hard. From writing blog posts and sending emails to publishing white papers or other website copy, it takes time to brainstorm and to write and to format compelling content. Continue reading