If your website doesn’t generate enough quality leads, there’s a strong chance you’re not producing enough quality content for your prospects. I get it. Content is hard. From writing blog posts and sending emails to publishing white papers or other website copy, it takes time to brainstorm and to write and to format compelling content. One unique way I’ve seen companies connect with their prospects and customers is to publish an annual report. These reports can be simple, like sharing big numbers and company milestones with your contacts via an email blast. They can also be much beefier, like a report that includes research or some kind of grand content curation. some kind of annual report. I think the goal of an annual report is to build brand awareness and trust through thought leadership, to connect with current clients but also to attract new people to your website and into your marketing and sales process. Here are three companies who have recently published an annual report.

Warby Parker

On this day in Warby Parker history… Warby Parker’s 2013 annual report is remarkable. It’s a 365-day report full of missteps, quirky facts and nuggets of company culture. It’s presented in a grid-like format as an interactive experience, where users are encouraged to click into specific dates to learn more about what happened on that particular day in 2013. warby parker 2013 report I would have preferred something more curated, as I’m less likely inclined to interact with a comprehensive report like this without some bullet points or at least guidance as to how I should be using it. But kudos to the Warby Parker team for ultra-transparency and for blowing the normally lackluster company report out of the water.


2013: MailChimp By The Numbers In MailChimp’s annual report, they use numbers and a seemingly endless website that users scroll through to learn more about what happened in 2013. mailchimp 2013 report From documenting the number of team softball victories, the number of support cases about Beyoncé or the number of pounds of coffee consumed, people are taken behind the scenes into MailChimp’s culture. They’re also presented with remarkable customer and email campaign information, lending MailChimp the kind of thought leadership they’re known for amongst email marketers. This annual report is well designed and easy to read through.


ProviderTrust: The Year at a Glance Like that of MailChimp, ProviderTrust’s annual report consists of a few marquee numbers that highlight both company culture and interesting factoids about business growth. providertrust company year in review It looks like they used Strikingly to build out their report, which is a good idea if you’ve never created a website page or user experience like this before. Strikingly makes it real easy.

Does your company publish an annual report to connect with and to engage prospects and customers?