brainstorm blog post ideasI don’t have enough time to blog regularly!

What would I write about?

My competitors aren’t blogging, so why should I?


There is no reason your company shouldn’t be cranking out quality blog posts on a regular basis.

The statistics – and my personal experiences – are overwhelmingly in favor of publishing blog content as part of your regular marketing activities. Not only do companies who blog generate 55% more website traffic, but they generate more leads and more customers as well.

This is real stuff we’re talking about here folks. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

But I know how hard it is. I’ve got writer’s block just like you do. I know I should be blogging more, but sometimes I struggle to come up with good ideas.

How to Brainstorm Blog Post Titles

Here are a few things I do to overcome writer’s block, with a few examples from my own business.

1. Think about your ideal customers and write down what questions they might have about your services.

  • How much does it cost to hire an inbound marketing consultant?
  • Can I do inbound marketing on a WordPress website?
  • How is my company doing at inbound marketing? What benchmarks should we be looking for?
  • How do I create a monthly marketing report?

Those are great blog post topics, no?

Also, if you have sales reps you can chat with, then treat them to a nice lunch (or after-work drinks?) and pick their brains. Ask them for the most common questions they get over the phone. Ask them for the most common objections they get over the phone.

You’ll get a TON of ideas to write about.

2. Use your keywords.

If you don’t already have a target list of keywords, then what are you waiting for?

While it’s far more important to write quality content that resonates with your buyer personas, you can’t neglect potential organic search traffic. The reality is that people are typing keywords and variations of those keywords in longer form sentences, seeking out answers to questions that you’re more than able to be writing about.

If you’ve never done keyword research before, that’s OK. It’s not that difficult. Just take out blank sheet of paper, or open up a document and start writing down terms related to your business. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to brainstorm hundreds of terms at a time, or to check on the search volume or competitiveness of a particular term.

3. Mix up your media.

You don’t always have to write 600+ word blog posts. Trust me, it’ll be easier for you (and far more engaging for your readers) to mix up the kind of posts you write.

Search YouTube for creative video marketing clips that you could re-post on your own website. Better yet, shoot your own videos!

You can post pictures. You can embed a PowerPoint presentation by way of SlideShare.

The sky is the limit folks. It doesn’t have to be just text.

Don’t let your own brain hold you back from becoming the most prolific blogger the world has ever seen. Once you start pressing the publish button a bit more often, you’ll see a noticeable increase in traffic. I guarantee it.