inbound leads using linkedin searchWould you like to proactively increase the number of qualified leads who show up to your next in-person event?

In this post, I’ll show you how I’m using LinkedIn with a client to do just that.

First, a bit of background.

My client is in the human resources space.

In early April, they have a CEO breakfast and VAR (value-added-reseller) workshop. Despite a huge contact database – several hundred thousand people – traditionally they have struggled to get more than 10-15 prospective VARs showing up to these events.

To the company, the market rates of the employees who run the in-person event is around $15,000/day, but due to low attendance, they haven’t yet been able to make it worth their time.

In the past, even with just 10-15 prospects, they’ve closed about 50% of the attendees. Considering that each new deal to them is worth about $2000, there’s considerable upside to driving attendance.

My goal, in fact, is to double the number of attendees to between 20 and 30 people.

That’s where inbound marketing comes in.

I should disclose that none of this work has been done yet, but here’s where my head is at as the client and I discuss initial plans.

First, I’ll work with the client to develop a premium content offer for prospective VARs. I’m envisioning a short and professional white paper that offers value to folks in the HR space. As an HR Professional, joining their VAR program offers a number of incentives, and with a few hundred active VARs around the world, there a number of best practices and case studies available.

Perhaps we’ll start there, something like “5 HR Professionals Dominating the [Company Name] VAR Program” or “10 World-Class Coaching Tips for HR Professionals.”

Once we have developed the offer, I’ll build out a dedicated landing page and form to help promote the offer, and I’ll connect that form to a nurturing campaign, or automated series of emails that get sent out to people who downloaded the white paper over the subsequent weeks.

Next, I’ll build out a second dedicated landing page that advertises the in-person VAR workshop. That page will have a registration form on it.

Here’s where I hop on LinkedIn and head straight to the Advanced search.

inbound lead prospecting on linkedin

There, I can look for people using the following search parameters.

generate leads using linkedin

Also, under “Relationship,” I make sure to check the box that says “3rd + Everyone Else” to ensure that I’m not just searching my close connections. I’m browsing the entire LinkedIn database.

I used 37205, or Nashville, TN as an example. I was born and raised in Nashville and was curious how many HR professionals are in the area.

My search returned 1,602 people!

Now, I can start hopping into each of these people’s profiles. I can see what groups they are a part of. I can hop into those groups and start participating in discussions. Not only can I talk about this great upcoming event, but for folks who aren’t interested or who cannot make the event, I can still offer the white paper.

I could take my efforts one step further and reach out to people individually. I would apologize for bothering them on LinkedIn, but at least I’d have a couple of great, no-hassle offers to chat about.

It sounds like a lot of work, but in the grand scheme of marketing activities, this shouldn’t take too long.

I’ll make sure to report back with some results in a few months.

Have you ever used LinkedIn’s Advanced Search before? What kind of results did you see?