leadin wordpress crm pluginI’m beta testing a new WordPress CRM plugin for WordPress, and it’s pretty awesome.

The name of the plugin is called LeadIn. It’s being developed by two friends (and former HubSpot co-workers!) and at this point is just a few weeks old.

LeadIn is a free plugin, and its functionality is amazing for a small business like myself.

When you install and activate the plugin, there’s no additional setup required. LeadIn automatically hooks into any contact form you have installed on your website.

Any form. No setup.

So if you’re using Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, a custom MailChimp form, or any other kind of comment or lead generation form, then LeadIn can do wonders for your marketing efforts.

Here’s how it works.

Once the plugin is activated, it’ll do a couple of things.

First, when someone new fills out a comment on your WordPress blog or  any one of your website’s forms, you’ll get an instant email notification.

leadin email notification

leadin plugin source information

You’ll notice that this isn’t your normal form email notification. Not only am I getting an image of this person, but I’m also getting her traffic source. I can see that she came in from Facebook, and I can see her page view history. Suddenly, there’s more of a human element to my marketing process.

Second, every time she visits my website in the future, I’ll get an instant notification email. I’ll be able to see, in real-time, when she’s on my website, and all of her past website behavior.

Her information, as well as other people who have filled out forms or comments on my blog posts, is stored in the LeadIn contact database. This lives inside WordPress.

By clicking on the “View all contacts” button in the notification email, I’m taken straight to my LeadIn contact database.

wordpress crm plugin leadin

Here, I can track the number of people who fill out forms or who comment on my website. I can see the first page they looked at. I can see how many total pages they’ve seen, and when their last visit was.

I think about this website and my own business. Many people who fill out my forms are interested in what I’m saying, but they might not be qualified leads, or they might not be ready to engage my services at this time.. These people are just poking around, looking for more information.

I can use LeadIn to get a sense of how engaged certain contacts are, and I can learn more about their behavior on my website to better drive the conversation and understand what they’re interested in or looking for. Like Rapportive for Gmail, LeadIn is a helpful research tool and helps me peek back behind the curtain.

For a plugin that’s just been in development for a few weeks, I’m excited to see more from the LeadIn team. I imagine a lot more functionality is in the works. I’ll use this space to track the plugin’s progress.

What are you waiting for?

Install the LeadIn plugin.

It shouldn’t take more than three minutes.

To all of my WordPress friends, how are you using this plugin for your clients or your own businesses?