These five principles help us to steer our client relationships and to manage our own agency growth.

Follow the fundamentals.

Your website is one of your most powerful business assets. Are you using it as well as you could be? Do you have a fundamentally sound plan to generate more traffic, more leads and more customers from your website? At Extreme Inbound, we stick to what works. We use a methodology that has helped thousands of companies generate more business from their websites. We’ll help you sort through the vast, noisy world of marketing to create a fundamental strategy to grow your business.

Is your website set up the right way? Are you spending the right money in the right places…and seeing the right results? What platform or software should you use? What should you measure to see if things are working?

Identify the low-hanging fruit.

You recognize the importance of a long-term, sustainable marketing framework for your business. The kind of system that pulls back the curtain and clearly points out where you’re getting the most bang for your buck at any given time. At Extreme Inbound, we know that you also care about the short term, so we’re always looking for the low-hanging fruit. We like quick wins just as much as you do!

What immediate concerns need to be addressed with your website? What’s most important…right now? What simple fixes would help you to generate more traffic or to convert more qualifie leads? Here’s what needs to be fixed in the next few weeks.

Report with action.

When you’re executing an inbound marketing campaign (or building a business), there are a lot of numbers to look at. At Extreme Inbound, we practice proactive reporting. We like the kind of report that says:

Hey you. This is where you’re coming from. This is what has worked well. Here are some disconnects. Here is a specific course of action we can use to step on the gas in these areas. Let’s rock.

Set clear goals.

We like to set clear, timely goals. We use goals to construct the right roadmap for your business and to execute smart, focused marketing. At Extreme Inbound, we use goals to hold ourselves accountable, to work more effectively and to create a more process-driven agency. Goals are the lifeblood of inbound marketing and of our business.

Do you need more qualified leads from your website? Great! But how many more leads? And what do you mean by qualified? When do we need to hit this goal by?

Teach and be taught.

World-class marketers enable companies to present the right content to the right person at the right time. We’ll help you out-educate your competitors by developing the kind of content that speaks clearly to your prospects, to your leads and to your customers. At Extreme Inbound, we take education seriously – we read, we train, we get certified, and we discuss education on a daily basis. Like in any dynamic profession, we like to stay up-to-speed with the latest trends, tools and tactics.

You’re telling me that I can identify how much revenue comes from a particular inbound marketing campaign? How does that actually work? Is this the right strategy in my industry?

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