As you assess your efforts to build a business or to manage a marketing team within an existing business, here are 14 questions to consider.

1. Are you able to easily edit, update and maintain your existing website?

2. Do you regularly back-up your website?

3. Are more people visiting your website now than they were 3 months ago?

4. Are your ideal customers finding your website?

5. Are you collecting the email addresses of interested visitors?

6. Are you offering something in exchange for joining your email list?

7. Are you showing up in search engines for your products or services?

8. Do you communicate with your audience weekly, either through a blog post, a video, or a newsletter?

9. Do you have a production schedule or an editorial calendar for your 2014 content?

10. Do you know how many leads you generated from your website last year?

11. Do you know where your website leads originate from, or whether or not they end up becoming paying customers?

13. Are you taking an active role in your company’s search engine optimization? Are you seeing results?

14. Do you have a basic marketing campaign for new customers?

What questions would you add to the list?