I recently drove through downtown Manhattan for the first time.¬†Three seasoned New York passengers helped me navigate. Along the way, meandering left and right down streets and across avenues, I was taught some interesting orientation-related factoids. Most of Manhattan is laid out in a grid pattern, so it’s relatively easy to find your way around. Avenues run north-south and are separated east-west by 5th Avenue. Street numbers increase as you head away from 5th Avenue, so if someone gives you an address and says, “between 7th and 8th,” you can have a good sense of of where the building is located. Broadway slices through the island of Manhattan on a long diagonal. Each time Broadway crosses an Avenue, you’ll find a square. Union Square and Madison Square and Macy’s Herald Square – they’re all at the intersection Broadway and an Avenue. As I tried to commit these factoids to memory, I started thinking about systems and processes. What are the rules or systems or processes or relevant factoids in your own business? In your industry? You may take them for granted, but your prospects and customers might benefit from hearing about them more often. Don’t be afraid to share seemingly dry, rule of system-based marketing collateral with your prospects and customers. They might find it more helpful than you think. For example, a boutique investment bank could create a series of guides around mergers & acquisitions.

“10 Tax Considerations You Might Overlook in an International M&A Transaction.” “6 Global M&A Regulatory Issues to Face in 2014.” “How to Sell Your Company to an Overseas Buyer.”

Take all of that industry expertise. Take those facts you’ve learned over the years. Take those questions you’ve answered and those customers you’ve helped. Take all of that and use it in your inbound marketing efforts.

What was the last premium content offer you marketed to your prospects or customers?